Bells Creek Trip Report

Trip Report Ð Bells Creek Pelican Waters 2nd April 2006


On Sunday 2nd April Mike, Angela, Phil, Dan, Julienne, Richard & I met near the boat ramp and departed at 9am for a morning paddle.  The day dawned as a fine sunny autumn day with only a slight breeze making it an enjoyable paddle, with our kayaks breaking up the reflections of the overhanging melalucas and mangroves along the banks of the creek.  Along the way we passed by some house boats, large modern farm houses, a rusting hull of an old barge and an unidentified glass and concrete edifice that loomed out of the greenery.


During the journey we sighted  honeyeaters, a large flock of black swans, pelicans, ibis, a kingfisher, ospreys, kits, stilts, snipes, duck, brahminy kite and a goanna.


We paddled as far as was possible taking the left fork before deciding to turn around to scramble up to a local fishing spot for morning tea. There was the smell of a nighttime campfire still smoking nearby, obviously a popular spot with local 4WDers. Heading back we passed a few stray fishing/crabbing boats and enjoyed a leisurely paddle back with a slight breeze now behind us.


After having a B B Q,salads and hot cross buns I left the others behind enjoying a lazy afternoon under the trees, overlooking the water and look forward to the next Social Paddle.


Stepanie White